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We are currently covering a timeline of October 1st - December 20th. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set 7 years after X 3 where only X-Men 1, 2, and loosely 3 are canon.

It has been seven years since the humans tried to cure the mutant gene like it was a virus. The mutants survived and so has the world. Life has gone on. Relationships forged, enemies became allies, and new heroes were created. Still there has never really been any peace and there is always fear and Chaos. Mutants tossed away by society are disappearing all of the US, entire colonies gone over night without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

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 Beginners Guide to X-men:AtC
Jul 5 2014, 02:48 AM
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Hello and Welcome to X-men:AtC!

Some things to think about before joining us, Our board is rated 2-1-2, but we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 to join.

If those things don't bother you then Welcome once again and on with the show!

Below is a listing in the preferred order and divided into must reads and optional reads of all the important information you may need to know before joining our board.

Must Reads
  • Our Rules should be your first port of call. This contains all the information you will need for onboard conduct as well as information on registering accounts etc.
  • Our Plot should be your next thread to peruse. It contains a rundown of our current board goings on.
  • Our Canon List will help you choose your character, it will show you which are taken and which are available for play. This is also where you can reserve your canon.
  • Our Faction Team Listing Will help you decide which team you want to belong to, the X-students are broken up into teams with a faculty adviser.
  • Our Application Instructions This is the instructions on how to fill out the application. You also respond to this thread to let us know your bio is done.
  • Face Claims Lastly, this is the list of faces in use on this site. Sometimes duplicates will be allowed, if you ask the person that currently uses the face and come to some sort of agreement.
Optional Reads
  • Who plays Who This is just a run down of what players are playing what characters.. useful to know.
If you have any further questions regarding any part of our application process feel free to pm Gavin on her Gavin player account. Do NOT pm the Cerebro account, your pm may get missed.

Have fun!
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