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 Our Rules, The Rules of Xmen AtC
 Posted: Jul 1 2014, 07:29 AM



MUTATION:Thinking, Archiving, Cleaning up


Our Rules

Out Of Character (OOC)

1. Please be respectful to other members. Please be considerate of people with different abilities and cultures. We don't want to see any out of character harassment of any type on this board. This includes bugging people to reply to posts. One reminder a day is enough.

2. The Cbox is OOC only. Please do not post tags or in character posts in the C-Box. We have @username tagging on this site. If unsure, please read the announcement about it.

3. You must register an OOC account - You must have an OOC account before making a Canon Reservation or beginning a Character Application. If you do not register an Out of Character account first you will receive 1 warning, then your accounts will be deleted.

In Character (IC)

1. Register with your character’s First and Last name, not their codename. If a character doesn’t have a human name in the comics and you’d like to ask for input you can register by that person’s codename until a replacement can be found (which will be before you get accepted) For example: Scaleface doesn’t ever get a name in the comics, but you can be sure she has a real name even if she doesn’t use it often. Many of the Morlocks have this problem.

2. This site is rated 18+. That said, if you have excess violence, sex or swearing in your post. Please put an [M] tag in the topic title, so people can choose not to read further. If your post has anything to do with rape, drug use or self harm, please add a TRIGGER WARNING, using [TW] in the topic title.

3. We don’t tolerate Plagiarism. If you want to copy certain aspects from wikipedia, please cite the source material and let us know where you got it from.

4. We do not have any posting requirements, per se. If you are deemed to be inactive when staff do their rounds and/or we hold our seasonal activity check (winter, fall, spring, summer), you will be moved to the inactive member group until our next activity check, at which point your accounts will be deleted from the board.

Addendum, 2015-03-25: If you play a canon character that is involved in a major plot, your character will be NPCed by staff if four days have passed since your last post to the thread.

Addendum, 2015-04-10: Upon approval, you have a week to post for your character or that character will be removed from your control.

5. Proof-Read your posts, run them through spell check, please make sure spelling/grammar errors are minimal. This is an intermediate RPG. We reserve the right to deny your application if it doesn't show you can write on par with the rest of the member base.

6. Posting Length: X-Men: After the Chaos does not have a word count.

Also, if you could Private Message Chris when a thread has been completed, that would be a great help.

7. You may play as many characters as you can effectively handle. If you start slouching on one you will be PM'd to ask you to play or to drop the character so someone else can play them.

8. Character deaths Please run these plots by the admin team ahead of time, just so we have a head’s up. We reserve the right to tell you ‘no’ if we feel it won’t be conducive to the site.

9. Fluid Time is used on X-men AtC however we ask that you keep track of each individual characters timeline so they don't end up in more than one place at a time. (Unless that's their mutation!) This means you can post threads set at different times simultaneously. We do use an entire month of play, however. The site is currently in November.

10. No God-Modding/power playing. We take this rule very seriously and will request that you alter your post should you g-mod or powerplay on the board. This means don't control another persons character without permission and don't make your character invincible. You can post that you swung with the intention to hit but whether or not the hit connected will be up to the responding player unless decided ahead of time with the player.

11. If we, the administrative team, find you guilty of breaking a rule we will PM you and tell you to fix it. Consider that your warning. If the problem is something that happens on a regular basis we will ban you. Rules are potentially subject to change. If a change is made we will notify you through the announcement forum and the c-box. So watch those spaces.

12. Templates - Template Fonts need to be size 12 or bigger for those who can't read smaller fonts. Thank you.

13. Playbys - All playby's must be at least 13 years of age to conform with our hosts TOS. We do prefer over 16, but 13 is the minimum age they can be.

A note on Graphics
  • In order for your avatar to fit in our mini profile properly you need to make it 175px in width and 300px in height (175x300)
  • There is also room for a smaller graphic avatar in the hover portion of the mini profile. This image should be no larger than 175px width and 100px height. (175x100)
  • Signature graphics should be no larger than 500px width and 300px height (500x300)
  • Thanks again!
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