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We are currently covering a timeline of October 1st - December 20th. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set 7 years after X 3 where only X-Men 1, 2, and loosely 3 are canon.

It has been seven years since the humans tried to cure the mutant gene like it was a virus. The mutants survived and so has the world. Life has gone on. Relationships forged, enemies became allies, and new heroes were created. Still there has never really been any peace and there is always fear and Chaos. Mutants tossed away by society are disappearing all of the US, entire colonies gone over night without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

Kaitlyn Lehnsherr
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Having been taught from a young age how to defend herself, Kaitlyn is trained in a mix of martial arts. She's also skilled in acrobatics and parkour, though this was something she simply picked up on the side. Mostly from friends who were into the scene. She's a talented singer and piano player, having had lessons for both.

HOBBIES: clubbing, singing, playing the piano, collecting mermaids and sea shells, surfing, body boarding, scuba diving, going to the beach or lake, swimming, video games, reading,


Nationality/Ethnicity: Although she was born in America, she's of German and English descent. As such, she's picked up her mother's English accent.
Known Relatives: Erik Lehnsherr (father)
Caroline Westbrook (mother)


Height: 5’6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Blonde with a natural blue streak in her forelocks
Eyes: Blue


Kaitlyn possesses hydrokinesis, the power to both create and manipulate water. She is able to form the liquid substance into a multitude of various shapes and sizes. She is also able to freeze the water into ice, enabling her to use her gift as an effective and sometimes destructive weapon.

She can draw water from any living source, dehydrating them to almost the point of death, depending on how long she keeps contact or her intent. A small amount of exposure will just result in a light rash, while prolonged the skin will began to crack and bleed. If contact is maintained the victim will experience an incline in symptoms until the body finally succumbs to death and shrivels into a husk.

When completely submerged in water, her body goes through a sort of metamorphosis state. During this process, barely noticeable gills form on both sides of her neck while fins begin to form along her arms. Her legs become a tail and her hands become webbed. This allows her to move swifter in the water. It's a power that she is slowly learning to control. Although she can only willingly shift from one form to another every few hours.

WEAKNESSES: Although Kaitlyn is slowly learning to control her powers her ability is often still triggered when she is under immense stress. During times like these, anyone she touches becomes susceptible to being dehydrated.

After going through her metamorphosis, Kaitlyn is unable to breathe normal oxygen for long periods of time. If stranded on land for too long, she will slowly start to suffocate. This of course can be avoided if her skin manages to dry during that length of time.

Kaitlyn has an intense allergic reaction to the sun or any type of immense heat.
If she experiences prolonged exposure she can become sick or even weak to the point of losing consciousness. About an hour or two at the most.
Code Name: Leviathan
Occupation: No Information
Team: Brotherhood
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: Kate


Player Notes

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  Apr 23 2018, 09:09 PM
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