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 Alexander Wright, 25 | Craze | Chase Coleman
Alexander Wright
 Posted: Jan 13 2018, 05:02 PM





Alexander Wright
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Mercenary / Brotherhood
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Chase Coleman
© darren criss

Powers: Primary ability is an accelerated healing factor, which can heal destroyed flesh and organs and broken bones in a matter of minutes. His healing also radically slows his aging process. He is immune to all toxins and drugs, which can be good and also bad since most medications don't work. He has to endure pain when he's hurt that other people would get pain medication for. This is part and parcel of what happens that could lead him into mental issues later in life. Alex doesn't think about it, but ooc, it could be important. Also this gives him superhuman stamina, and lets him push his body well beyond human limits. He also possesses enhanced senses of hearing, sight, taste, smell. He can see objects much clearer and at much greater distance that normal humans, and can see in complete darkness like cats. Alexander's physical strength far surpasses that of a normal human, as his healing factor instantly repairs muscle tears and negates the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle fatigue. He has retractable two inch claws in place of his finger and toenails, which are extendable in a manner similar to those of a feline. He also possesses animal-like fangs which, like his claws, are made of a substance stronger than human bone, though whether this is simply an effect of his bones' extreme durability is unclear. He is a near expert with parkour and tumbling, is quick and stealthy for his bulk and has cat-like grace.

Extra Information: He is a near expert with parkour and tumbling, is quick and stealthy for his bulk and has cat-like grace.His fighting is not as controlled as others, he’s more of a brawler. Alexander is sometimes struggling with an intense fury and his temper is off the wall once it gets started. He has yet to meet anyone who can pull him back under control and he's struggling with himself at times because he's never been taught how to keep control.

Background:After an unfortunate bout of having to leave his adopted parents’ home and his life (he lost his temper and attacked people at his highschool per the news reports)- Xander was taken in by the local Brotherhood. He found a camaraderie he missed and a support for his bloodlust. Unfortunately, the team he was with also used him and at the end of a recent battle, he was left to go into a berserker rage against authorities and X-types alike while the Brotherhood team got away. He’s now in the hands of the X-Men at Xavier’s.

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