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 Seraphina Baker, 17 l Siren l Madelaine Petsch
Seraphina Baker
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 09:31 PM



MUTATION:Illusion based


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Seraphina | Serena | Baker
17, X-Student, Student, Siren, Madelaine Petsch

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Powers: Illusion-esque power: When people look at her, they will see the person they love.
Voice Mesmerize: She can make someone fall in love with the sound of her voice.
Voice Manipulation: She can manipulate her voice to sound like anyone else.

She cannot control her power that well. Her illusion-esque power cannot make a love out of thin air, meaning anyone who does not have a love sees her. Her Voice mesmerize does not make them do everything. If they want they can stop listening, but they have to have the will to do so. Her voice manipulation downsides are she has to have heard the person in some fashion and she cannot use this for very long or it will hurt her vocal cords and she may lose her voice for a time.

History: Seraphina came into the world rather normally. There was no big fanfare or anything like that. Her parents cared for her and loved her. Her whole life had been one big happy family life. Until it wasn’t that is. She didn’t know her parents weren’t actually on the side of good. She had been proud of her parents as a kid, thinking they were off saving the world, or helping it at the least. But, one night at the age of eight she was kidnapped from her house. She kicked and screamed, tried to use the tactics that her parents had told her to use if someone ever tried to get her, but to no avail. She was knocked out, everything going black. 

When she woke up, she was tied down to an operating table with someone looking down at her. When she tried to tell them she wasn’t sick, that she was perfectly normal, the man just smiled and nodded. What haunted her the most of that night was his words. Not anymore. She wasn’t going to be normal afterwards. Sometimes, they didn’t bother putting her under, she felt the man digging into her, trying to do something. She didn’t understand what was going on until many years later. For a few years, it wasn’t working. Whatever it was they were trying to do. Nothing was different from her, except the scars she had from fighting back and the experiments. Then she woke up one day. She had to have been eleven or twelve. She wasn’t sure. But on that day, she had powers.

It was like a switch inside of her. One day, they were experimenting on her, trying to change her. The next, she was changed. She wasn’t normal. Not anymore. She couldn’t control it, not really. But the man seemed happy, ecstatic. She had hoped that mean it would stop. But it didn’t. It just got worse. Suddenly, they wanted her to do things to other people. Make them do things. She pretended she couldn’t. But sometimes, that was even worse. She got rewarded when she did what they asked, food, water, and once even another blanket. But when she didn’t do what they asked, or even when she couldn’t because it wasn’t possible, they poked and prodded and hurt her again and again. 

She had had enough, then. She used her powers against the scientist. Made him unlock the door, and help her escape. She even made him kill himself. She wasn’t sure if she felt guilty of that or not. She raced home, still not knowing that her parents had betrayed her. At first, they had acted sympathetic, glad she was back with them. But they locked her up in a room, not hers, not the one she had before. She overheard a conversation about her on the phone and she knew she had to get out. She escaped again, this time through a window, and ran again.

She was only fourteen, on her own. She wasn’t sure she could trust anyone at all. If her own parents had been in on it, then who else was? She ended up in New York, New York where she began tricking people into giving her things. Not expensive things, just things she needed to survive. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to, after all her parents had told her it was wrong to do so. But who were they to set the bar? After all they were the ones who orchestrated the whole kidnapping thing. She got by, getting her way in things with the use of her powers. She never did anything too drastic though. And she only used it when she absolutely had to. She didn’t like her powers, they were the result of years of hurting. But she had to use them to get by. She also didn’t go by her name anymore, after all it would be too easy to find her if people called her Seraphina. She chose the name Siren. It was fitting anyways.

Anyone who asked about her parents were told they were dead, and they were to her. On the streets, she fends for herself. She never let anyone push her around. After being pushed around as an experiment, she had had enough of that to last her a lifetime. She got by with doing what she needed, going so far as to getting into a martial arts dojo and becoming an employe to get a reduced fee.

For the next two and a half years, that was how she was living, but then someone found her. They knew she had powers, and they offered her a place to live. Who was she to say no? She joined and now she’s a student at Xavier’s Academy.

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None, Central, PM/Skype - thegirlwhoships

Template made by The Doctor of RPG-D.  Steal and I will throw you into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy.
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 09:39 PM





Your character has been approved. Please remember to do your claims.
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