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4 threads
25 replies
Located at the front of Mansion.
Too Good To Be True
by Seraphina Baker
Sep 12 2017, 11:40 PM
2 threads
41 replies
The extensive area between the front of the house and Breakstone Lake, which is located on the edge of the property. Quite the walk.
hot days = pool days
by Johnny Storm
Yesterday at 09:38 am
1 threads
23 replies
A large lake that signals the end of Xavier's property. It's waters are a deep blue, with a forest that surrounds the majority of the lake. A boat house and dock is located on the side.
Getting Some Fresh Air
by Liam Carlisle
Aug 29 2017, 05:26 AM
2 threads
80 replies
The first floor of the X-Mansion. Contains the Living Room, Main Dining Room, Kitchen, Professor Xavier's Study, Library, and the Observatory.
late night snack [m]
by Julian Keller
Yesterday at 09:32 am
5 threads
90 replies
Follow the gigantic staircase to the top, and here you are! The main purpose of this floor is the dorms. Contains the Student Dorms, Faculty Living, Rec Room, and the Workshop.
Movie night Madness
by Julian Keller
Yesterday at 09:15 am
1 threads
40 replies
The attic is used primarily by Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm. It is her living quarters, as well as a sort of greenhouse for her plants. Can also be used for some storage needs.
0 threads
0 replies
Serves the purpose of storage, but also holds the entrance to the sub-levels. Also contains utilities and the main computer components
4 threads
67 replies
The first sub-level of the X-Men rooms. Contains the Medical Bay, Gymnasium and Pool, Locker Rooms, Research Lab, and Briefing Room.
Going for a Swim [M]
by Logan Howlett
Aug 30 2017, 01:41 AM
1 threads
10 replies
This sub-level contains the Danger Room, Cerebro, Blackbird Hangar, Emergency Rooms, and Cells.
Releasing Animalistic Tension
by Lena Horne
Jul 12 2017, 06:15 AM
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