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We are currently covering a timeline of October 1st - December 20th. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set 7 years after X 3 where only X-Men 1, 2, and loosely 3 are canon.

It has been seven years since the humans tried to cure the mutant gene like it was a virus. The mutants survived and so has the world. Life has gone on. Relationships forged, enemies became allies, and new heroes were created. Still there has never really been any peace and there is always fear and Chaos. Mutants tossed away by society are disappearing all of the US, entire colonies gone over night without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

Thomas Shepherd
 Played by: Tommy Shepherd  who is Offline
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Thomas is a runaway. He was a fairly typical suburban kid, the adopted child of a doctor and a stay at home mom. He was an average student, average athlete, he just sort of blended in. Around 14, he started having blinding headaches, truly killer migraines. The young man missed nearly a semester of classes from the headaches before they faded..

After that, he found he could operate at superhuman speeds, but the more he pushed said speed, the more his headaches would return. Tommy was thrilled, his parents less so. They pressured him to hide his ability and later, take the mutant cure. When he refused, they became abusive, vicious. They threatened to turn him over to the authorities, so he bailed, removing that option.

Tommy is a runaway, something his superhuman speed is very handy for.


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Tommy has to take a moment to shift his sense of perception and time to be able to operate at superspeed. Essentially, when he moves into superspeed, the world slows down dramatically around him, giving him enhanced speed and reaction time compared to the rest of the world. He can’t maintain that state very long without developing crippling, blinding migraines because his mind is unaccustomed to operating at that speed. As such, he tends to use his speed in small bursts. Also, because his perception of time accelerates along with his body, while he can finish mundane tasks inhumanly quickly, that doesn't make him any more likely to do so, because he still experiences the activity as if he were doing it at mundane speed. Reading a book still feels like it takes several hours, even if it only takes a few seconds to someone watching.
Code Name: Speed
Occupation: Student
Team: No Information
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: No Information


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