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We are currently covering a timeline of October 1st - December 20th. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set 7 years after X 3 where only X-Men 1, 2, and loosely 3 are canon.

It has been seven years since the humans tried to cure the mutant gene like it was a virus. The mutants survived and so has the world. Life has gone on. Relationships forged, enemies became allies, and new heroes were created. Still there has never really been any peace and there is always fear and Chaos. Mutants tossed away by society are disappearing all of the US, entire colonies gone over night without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

Elizabeth Livingston
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Elizabeth Rose Livingston was the only child born to Marc and Rachel Livingston, a New Years' eve child, a miracle to her parents who had tried for years to have a child. Bred and raised within English society, Liz was taught to be a lady, sent to boarding schools when she was old enough, taught to ride and jump horses, proper etiquette at the dining table and around others.

She was given anything she ever wanted and knew how to manipulate her parents to give her what she did not. She got into trouble more often than her parents found out about while she was away at school, able to talk her way out of them notifying her family.

Liz was 16 when she and her family discovered that she was a mutant. She had gone for a horseback ride during one warm spring day with Heath Beckman, a tall handsome boy of 17. If you listened to their parents, Heath and Liz were to be married when they were old enough, an arranged marriage set into motion by the adults. Neither Heath nor Liz paid this any mind, they were more interested in having fun.

They had been out for a ride, chasing each other on a well-maintained path in the woods to the south of the Livingston home. A snake spooked the marbled mare that Heath rode and the horse reared up, throwing its rider into the air. Heath slammed his head into a rock, shattering his skull and breaking his neck, he died instantly. Elizabeth's terrified and horror- filled screams brought the servants and her parents running out. They found her, holding her friend's head in her now bloodstained lap. Liz could not move, frozen with panic and fear. It took her a good long while before she was able to look up, and when she did, she found that the entire forest surrounding her was covered in pitch blackness while the Manor grounds beyond the treeline remained in bright sunlight. Neither Nick nor Rachel were mutants, but Nick's father had been and the gene had skipped a generation.

The Livingston family managed to keep the silence on their daughter's mutant status, speaking of it to no one. They worked with Liz in trying to gain control over her abilities, with some success. Liz was a few months from turning 17 when her family was contacted by Charles Xavier from the States. The older gentleman said that he hosted a school for other children like her and he would love for her to attend. Going away for school was not something that was unfamiliar to Liz, so she arranged for a visit. She flew out ahead of her parents, who were to follow on a flight later that week. She boarded the plane and never saw them again.

Midway across the Atlantic, the pilot in charge of her parents' flight came across a nasty storm and lost control of the small private plane and it went down at sea. Wreckage was found, but the bodies of her parents, flight attendant and the pilot were never recovered. Elizabeth was devastated.

After speaking with Spencer Stone, her family's longtime lawyer and family friend, Liz found out that she was being transferred into the care of the Quire family. They'd been friends of Liz's parents for most of their own lives. Their son Quentin was only a couple of years older than Liz and they were brought up as close friends despite distance and schooling. Quentin was also a mutant. The Livingstons’ will had stated that should anything happen to them or they were no longer able to care for their daughter Elizabeth, the Quire’s would become her legal guardians and were entrusted with her care.

Liz was allowed to finish out her most recent school year, her sophomore, at her current boarding school, but now that it’s September and a new year is starting, she has been transferred to the Xavier Institute for Gifted Students. The transfer is moving her across the pond from her native England to New York in the States.

Upon her arrival in the states, Liz has moved on from being a mere student at the Xavier House for Misfit Toys. Only a few months after she'd crossed the pond, Liz was contacted by an old family friend, Quentin Quire and he had an interesting proposal for her. Leave Xavier's and come take her rightful place as Hellfire's Black Queen. Her own mother had been in the position before her, the seat passing on to Liz at Rachel's death. It was a position she easily accepted and stepped into it easily.

She learned on the fly so to speak, but easily took command of those beneath her.

It has been three years now and Liz is still reigning as Hellfire's Black Queen. With no Black King in the club, Liz has control over the New York chapter and she loves every bit of it.


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Age: 20
Hair: Very dark brown, almost black, reaches shoulderblades
Eyes; Green
Height: 5’5
Weight: 125 lbs
Birthplace: London, England


DARKNESS/SHADOW MANIPULATION – Blackout has the mutant ability to control darkness and shadows. As long as there is any sort of shadow at all, she can use it to increase the overall darkness of an area. This darkness is an artificial darkness and has the strange extra effect of muffling the sound in an area. The darker she makes an area the lower sound gets to the point where sound does not travel in an area she has made pitch black. She can also directly manipulate existing shadows, causing them to move of their own accord or perform any number of illusionary actions.

DARKNESS SENSE – Blackout can sense darkness in the immediate vicinity around her, the darker it is the more detailed her senses are and she can detect objects and people within the darkness. This means she can 'see' perfectly in darkness all around her

**Limitations - The larger the area, the less effect she has over it. For example, she could slightly dim something the area of a large field to enable her to sneak across it more easily. In contrast, she could plunge a small room into pure darkness.
Code Name: Blackout
Occupation: Black Queen
Team: NYC Hellfire Club
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: Liz


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