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 Ariel Darko
Ariel Darko
 Posted: Aug 3 2017, 05:42 PM

CODENAME:Shadow Hunter


MUTATION:Shadow Manipulation


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Ariel | Rosaline | Darko
Age: 21
Affiliation: N/A
Occupation: Thief for hire
Codename: Shadow Hunter
Playby: Alexandra Daddario

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Nationality/Ethnicity: American
Known Relatives: Detective Nathaniel Darko (father, deceased)
Victoria Dark (mother, whereabouts unknown)


Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Long, slightly curly black hair with teal tips
Eyes: Blue-green
Physical Description: On her right shoulder blade, Ariel has a tattoo of a raven perched on a skull. A pentacle on a chain hangs from its mouth.

POWERS: Shadow Constructs - As long as she can see it within her mind’s eye and hold that image, Ariel can construct anything she wants to out of shadow matter. These constructs can either be incorporeal or made solid to where they can interact with the world around them. The length of time she can hold these constructs depends entirely on her attention span. If distracted or she loses the image, the construct begins to break up and disappear.

Shadow melding - Ariel possesses the ability to blend into her surroundings using shadows. Unlike a chameleon though, she doesn’t just take on the color of the object but rather the substance. She essentially merges with them.

Traveling through shadows - Ariel has the ability to travel through shadows. By entering one she can exit through another.

Generating Shadows - Ariel doesn’t need an actual light source to generate shadows. She can do this herself. However, her powers aren’t as strong as they would be if there were natural shadows to draw from. When working with self-created shadows she can only hold her constructs for a short time, ten to fifteen minutes before she begins to become weak, her vision blurs, and she develops a slight headache. The longer she holds it, the more damage it starts to do to her. She’s also unable to travel through shadows when using unnatural ones. Although she still possesses the ability, it would take a lot out of her.

SKILLS: Growing up on the streets of New York, Ariel has survived solely on her wits and the skills that she's acquired over the past eleven years. She's become somewhat adept in parkour as well as hand to hand combat. Although she isn't trained in a specific style and it's more a jumbled bag of this and that, she knows enough to easily defend herself. She's also skilled when it comes to a small amount of weapons and some firearms. Her weapon of choice though, when she chooses to use one, is either a sword or staff constructed from her shadows.

Ariel has learned the virtues of deceit and a good lie, and can usually spin a yarn while keeping a straight face. She knows that although expressions can often give one away, most people can't read through a good poker face.

Although not a complete genius when it comes to computers, Ariel knows enough to get by. At least enough to hack into most systems and override the security or find a file that she's been hired to find. If asked to design a program, virus or shoot a rocket off into space via computer, she's pointing you in the direction of Tony Stark.

Aside from those listed above, Ariel's other skills include slight of hand and lock picking.

She also has a rather good singing voice, at least for a novice whose never had any sort of training.

HOBBIES: Ariel has an extensive collection of fairies, mostly Amy Brown and Jasmine Becket, and is always adding to it. If you ever asked her about her collection though, she'd deny it. She also enjoys singing, sometimes just for herself or at the open mic night in local bars. Ones that her clientele know nothing about. Reading. She has a small library in her bedroom, composed of mostly horrors and a few fantasy books. Drag racing, illegally. She mostly races for slips. Some cars she chooses to keep, while others she sells. Video games, theme parks, anything that causes an adrenaline rush.

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C-Box Name: Wynn
Other characters: Deadpool
Time Zone: Eastern
Contact: Discord: EverWilde, Skype: Wynnfalconi

Template made by The Doctor of RPG-D. Steal and I will throw you into the event horizon of a collapsing galaxy.

This post has been edited by Ariel Darko: Aug 26 2017, 09:59 PM
 Posted: Aug 16 2017, 11:04 AM





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