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 The World Could Always Use More Heroes, Minka's request thread.
Minka Zeller
 Posted: Jul 11 2017, 10:03 AM



MUTATION:Healing and regeneration


this is as pretty as this is going to get.

[gabino vargas-zeller sr.] aka [nickname or codename]
[open but must be mexican]
This is Minka's husband. He disappeared around 5 years ago after he died for a second or two and came back to life thanks to a very determined Minka. Pre-disappearance, he was a loving man outside of work and a caring but stern man inside of work. He was the man in charge of a government taskforce made up of five mutants and this is where Minka and Gabino met.

His powers mutated after the accident. He used to be able to shift into a gas-like form and regenerate, but now he's in constant pain thanks to his form mutating into a constant state of decay that his regeneration is eternally trying to heal. This has driven him into bitterness and the belief that killing people in some way helps his regeneration but it doesn't.

Due to his disappearing, Minka never got to tell him he has a son named after him. Maybe this could come up one day.

Whoever takes him can do whatever they want with him. So long as we plot at some point, I don't care.

[name] aka [nickname or codename]
[eva alordiah or rihanna or asami zdrenka (if you want the challenge of finding pictures)]
mostly up to whoever takes this character.
works at a diner more on the outskirts of new york and is minka's next door neighbour in their apartment building. started offering to baby sit gabino jr. about a year ago and the kid fucking loves them so minka's happy to keep the arrangement up for as long as this character is. ideally want this character and minka to end up in a romantic relationship but if it doesn't happen or doesn't feel right once the characters are put together then we don't have to.

they're a kind individual and very sweet but will fight back if they have to they'd just prefer to not have to. probably a bit of a nerd tbh but the endearing kind of nerd instead of the elitist 'if you didn't real issue #56 of buttfuck adventures you're not a REAL fan' kind. responsible af and probably always been more mature than their peers but entirely able to fuck about and have an immature time should the opportunity present itself. generally great person.

gender is optional, as are pronouns. i imagined them as more leaning towards gender neutral than female, but again it's entirely optional.

discuss with me if you want to use a fc you find, since i do have a particular mental image of this character in mind and, for me, eva alordiah is the closest i can get. that is; black woman with pink or generally dyed hair that's preferably short. rihanna is an option above due to the sheer amount of pictures of her and the fact that she's had red hair and pink hair and apparently blue hair and asami zdrenka is just because i like her and can imagine her as the character.

again, whoever takes them can do whatever they want with them within reason. like, no killing them plz. other than that, they're not my character so it's not my decision.

This post has been edited by Minka Zeller: Jul 11 2017, 11:32 AM

user posted image

texture credits: abstract shapes and fallen angel by ainhel on da. pack 12 by raphita45 on da. light textures pack 1 by psdisney on tumblr.
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