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 At Work, Tags Open
Vanessa Carlysle
 Posted: Oct 14 2017, 11:28 PM



MUTATION:Shapeshifting, Power Mimicry


Who: Vanessa
With: TBD
Where: Salem Center/Diner
When: 10 PM, Saturday October 14, 2017

While Vanessa would prefer not to work on a Saturday night, the tips were usually good on that night so she couldn't be too upset about being scheduled for that time. It had been a busy night so it had gone by fast and she had made some good tips. She was hanging out behind the counter, enjoying a chocolate milkshake as she waited for the next customer to come in. The last rush had ended a few minutes ago and there was only a few customers left in the diner.

Hearing the door chime, Vanessa looked up , and greeted the customer with her best smile. "Welcome and take a seat anywhere. I will be right with you" she said sweetly.

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