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We are currently set around finals. So Mayish. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set after X-Men 1.

There wasn't much left. Cities leveled, billions dead, the civilization of complete continents wiped out without any survivors. The planet was in ruins and there was no stopping what was going to come next. Apocalypse was going to win and with his complete powers along with the Infinity gems nowhere in the galaxy would be safe. With his arrogance, he let his guard down and at that moment the Gauntlet had to kill each of the gems to get control back of the stones. With the stones, the Gauntlet sacrificed his life to kill Apocalypse to keep him from being able to do to the other galaxies that he had done to this one, but there was an unforeseen outcome of the Gauntlet using his powers. He created a new world. One where everyone was alive, set 9 years before the one he had come from.

No one else seemed to remember the old world.

It has been seven months since the X-Men stopped the Brotherhood from killing everyone at the summit on Ellis Island. Magneto has since then remained a prisoner of the Government while the rest of his team is still at large. Logan, having left the school after helping the X-Men has been spending these last months trying to regain his past memories while at the school Xavier is having side effects from his coma.

Tensions between ordinary humans and mutants have been at an all-time high since the Statue of Liberty incident. What the Brotherhood did has fueled the flames and fear of the everyday people. It seems every day someone is in the news telling a story about what a mutant had done with their powers. The accounts keep piling up to put the mutants in a bad light. Politicians and activist use these accounts to their advantage trying to force the Government to do something about it. People want them registered, People want them banned from schools and other public places their children attend, People want them locked away from everyone else. People even want them slaughtered. The news and politicians twist the facts in all of this to make the mutants in the wrong and the ordinary citizens in the right. It seems none of the networks are covering the growing violence against mutants.

No ones reported about the Mutants tossed away by society disappearing all over the US, entire colonies disappear overnight without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

 Played by: Gavin  who is Offline
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Keyz is a kid without a name he didn't give himself. He grew up on the streets not knowing his birth family and only having faint memories of the place he was before he was dumped. He knew it wasn't home, but he was too young to remember much more than that.

For as long as he remembered he always had a knack for getting through locks. It started first with just learning how to lockpick from another street kid and towards his tweens he began to be able to read more advanced, electronic, systems. At this time he didn't realize he was a technopath as he had no idea what that was. The more he used his powers with his group of friends he put them all in danger but didn't realize it until much later. It took several years for it to catch up with him.

He was fourteen when he was stopped by a friend before returning to the building they were squatting in who told him that people had been asking about him. They seemed nice enough, but they knew better than to believe looks so the two left without returning to the squat house, missing the Xavier staff there looking for him. He moved on to an abandoned construction zone where others had made homes out of the materials. Him and his friend set up their own place among the metal skeleton of the building that had begun going up before the project was abandoned. This time when he was discovered it wasn't by Xavier's. The camp was attacked and in his panic, another power emerged. When Xavier's caught up with him all they found was ruined metal twisted and blasted in multiple directions with no structure left standing. And blood. Keyz was gone and there was no sign of where he had gone this time.

Keyz was captured by Weapon X that day and remains a prisoner of them.


Street Survival, Fighting, Lockpicking - There isn't a lock he can't get past, and general thief skills. Is in the process of being trained to be a weapon.


Face Claim: Jensen Ackles


Technopathy - With this power, he is able to communicate with technology to manipulate it in the way he wants. Such as opening locks. He is only able to do it with one computer at a time at the moment and if the computer is shut down mid connection it could cause him damage. Like if the computer is suddenly fried it could leave him braindead.

Magnetism - Currently Keyz only has the ability to control metal, but Weapon X believes he has the potential to control all forms of it. With their testing, they plan on unlocking all of it.
Code Name: Keyz
Occupation: Former Thief, Inmate
Team: No Information
Relationship Status: Single
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: No Information


Player Notes

  Keyz doesn't have a custom title currently.
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