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We are currently set around finals. So Mayish. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set after X-Men 1.

There wasn't much left. Cities leveled, billions dead, the civilization of complete continents wiped out without any survivors. The planet was in ruins and there was no stopping what was going to come next. Apocalypse was going to win and with his complete powers along with the Infinity gems nowhere in the galaxy would be safe. With his arrogance, he let his guard down and at that moment the Gauntlet had to kill each of the gems to get control back of the stones. With the stones, the Gauntlet sacrificed his life to kill Apocalypse to keep him from being able to do to the other galaxies that he had done to this one, but there was an unforeseen outcome of the Gauntlet using his powers. He created a new world. One where everyone was alive, set 9 years before the one he had come from.

No one else seemed to remember the old world.

It has been seven months since the X-Men stopped the Brotherhood from killing everyone at the summit on Ellis Island. Magneto has since then remained a prisoner of the Government while the rest of his team is still at large. Logan, having left the school after helping the X-Men has been spending these last months trying to regain his past memories while at the school Xavier is having side effects from his coma.

Tensions between ordinary humans and mutants have been at an all-time high since the Statue of Liberty incident. What the Brotherhood did has fueled the flames and fear of the everyday people. It seems every day someone is in the news telling a story about what a mutant had done with their powers. The accounts keep piling up to put the mutants in a bad light. Politicians and activist use these accounts to their advantage trying to force the Government to do something about it. People want them registered, People want them banned from schools and other public places their children attend, People want them locked away from everyone else. People even want them slaughtered. The news and politicians twist the facts in all of this to make the mutants in the wrong and the ordinary citizens in the right. It seems none of the networks are covering the growing violence against mutants.

No ones reported about the Mutants tossed away by society disappearing all over the US, entire colonies disappear overnight without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

Skye Turner
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Skye Turner was actually born Skylar Hanson. Her mother, Marie Hanson, had a history of mental illness along with documented drug addictions and a light criminal history. When Skye was almost three years old, she was found wandering the streets of her Brooklyn neighborhood in New York City. The child was dirty with ill-fitting clothes and unkempt hair. She was picked up by a local police officer while out on a routine patrol. The officer, Carson Wells, was able to get the child’s name along with her mother’s name out of her and once he located the family’s address, went to take Skylar back to her mother. After getting no response when he knocked several times on the apartment door, Wells found the door unlocked, and assumed that was how the toddler got out. He found Marie Hanson laying in a pool of her own vomit and coked out of her mind. The apartment was also a horrendous mess, garbage and old food piled up on every surface as well as clear evidence of drug use and paraphernalia. Marie was cited and arrested on site with child neglect, endangerment, abuse as well as a long list of drug-related charges. Skylar was removed from her custody and placed in the foster care system.

Skylar was taken in by a foster family named Turner, Nick and Rachel. They had no other children, though they had wanted them, and had taken in foster kids from time to time. Skylar was adopted formally within a year of her being taken in, and her birth name was legally and formally changed to Skylar Turner, though as she got older she preferred to be called Skye. Fortunately for Skye, she was young enough at the time she’d been taken from her birth mother to really remember too much about her or the way she’d lived prior to living with the Turners, whom she always considered her real family. Skye knew she’d been adopted by the time she was old enough to really understand what it meant, but she never ever felt that she wasn’t Nick and Rachel’s real daughter.

She was a bright and lively, intelligent child, doing well in school and had a good-sized group of friends. Skye was probably close to six or seven when she discovered dance and begged her parents for proper lessons. They saw no reason to deny the request as he had good grades in school and very rarely gave them any behavioral problems. From the first lesson, it was clear to her parents and the instructors that Skye had a strong natural talent for dance and movement, able to pick up even advanced moved rather quickly.

Between school, friends and dance classes, the years passed by, moving Skye from the life of a child to the ups and downs of being a teenager. Just after her fourteenth birthday, Skye began noticing things about herself that weren’t like the other girls she knew going through puberty. At first, she thought the mood swings were being caused by hormones now that she was becoming a young lady, and there was a point in time where her parents thought there might be something going on that related to her birth mother’s background with mental illness. The way she’d yo-yo back and forth, and sometimes very quickly, suggested she might be bipolar, but after visits to specialists and tests, that was not the case. One doctor took blood and had it run through a genetics lab to see if there were any indicators for possible mutancy. The lab work came back positive for the X-Gene, showing that Skye was, in fact, a mutant.

The emotional rollercoaster that she was experiencing on a daily basis was due to her being an empath, an ability where the mutant senses the emotions of others around her. She was able to sense them and though she didn’t realize it at the time, was also able to influence them as well. She just thought that she was really good at helping her friends calm down if they were upset or at helping others get motivated or excited about something going on.

Skye also discovered that she bore the ability to heal others. One of her friends accidentally cut her hand on a broken glass beaker in science class, and while Skye was examining the hand to see how bad it was, she and her friends at the table noticed that the semi-deep cut to Tracy’s palm was closing and healing on its own. They might have thought that Tracy was the mutant if Skye hadn’t realized that while she’d been checking her friend’s hand, she was also somehow linked to the other girl’s mind and was feeling the pain as if she’d been the one with the cut.

Needless to say, the moment both of her parents were home from work that day, Skye told them what had happened. Though she was using dance and yoga as a way to vent and control the excess emotions around her, sometimes it wasn’t enough and she was being overwhelmed. The next morning at breakfast, Nick told his wife and daughter of a school in Westchester County. It was a private school being run by a man named Charles Xavier and it was for mutants only, helping them to control and train their abilities. The prospect of attending such a school was discussed by the family as a whole and it was decided that if Skye was accepted by Professor Xavier, she would attend.

Skye hadn’t been part of the school for very long when she was befriended by a young man by the name of St. John Allerdyce. They became close quickly and before she knew it, they were exclusively involved. This all happened while Skye was receiving training and attending classes at the Xavier Institute. When the mansion was attacked by William Stryker and his goons, Skye was one of the lucky ones that managed to escape the mayhem. She wasn’t part of the group that ended up at Alkali Lake, but she did join John afterward when he defected to the Brotherhood led by Magneto.

Under Erik Lensherr’s tutelage, Skye’s abilities grew, blossoming and expanding to further lengths that she’d never imagined. She was going to be powerful, dangerous and they all knew it. John proposed when Skye turned 19, but they weren’t in any rush to get married. During the early summer of Skye’s 21st year, she went missing. While she currently can’t remember what’s happened to her in its entirety, she does get flashes and bits of memories from time to time. She knows she was grabbed off the street while walking back to her car after a dance class in the city. She knows that she’s been held captive for several weeks, and while she might get flashes of a man in white with surgical and other medical instruments, she has no idea what was done or who he even was.

Skye eventually managed to escape Trask's imprisonment and after several days at an ally's house, she returned home to the Brotherhood, only to find that John, her fiance, had thought she was dead. Clearly, she wasn't and they were reunited. It was a rough few weeks following her return home, nightmares that rocked the apartment, panic attacks etc, but with the love and support from her fiance, whom she'd forgiven for his...indiscretion during her absence, she was able to power through. Skye soon discovered that she was a few months pregnant with John's child, conceived prior to her kidnapping.

Not too long after discovering the pregnancy, Skye and John flew off to Paris where they were married in a small, private ceremony. Their daughter Lyria was born some months later, which they were thrilled with. However, they'd already met Lyria Turner, an older version in her teens that had some to the current time from her future in order to stop her parents from being killed and the world going to shit.

Little Lyria is now creeping up on her third (and 19th) birthday. However, not everything in the Allerdyce home was good. John was attacked recently and taken hostage himself, Skye's only warning was a brief telekinetic message from the man before the connection had been lost. She's now setting out to rescue him and bring him home.


No Information


Hair: Dark brown, almost black, reaches the middle of her back just a few inches above her waist.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’3
Weight: 110 lbs
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY


Skye possesses the following mutant abilities.

EMPATHY: Panacea is able to sense the feelings of others around her. Anger, love, lust, hate and so forth. This is an area based empathy. She does not have to have some sort of physical contact to get a feel off of someone. Unless she has some sort of mental barrier up, Panacea can be overcome by whatever emotions the other person is experiencing. If her mental blocks are up for an extended time period, Panacea may experience nasty headaches.

Through meditation, Panacea may be able to put up helpful mental barriers to block the emotional tidal waves that can happen in a school full of angsty teenagers.

WEAKNESS: The more people that are in an area affects Skye. The more crowded or the smaller the room, the higher the chance that she will become overwhelmed and unable to function properly. Without proper mental shields in place, Panacea is able to be surrounded by approximately50 people before she begins experiencing problems. This number is reduced the smaller the room or area is.

Skye has passed out as a result of being unable to block out those around her.

HEALING: By skin to skin contact, Panacea is able to heal the injury, toxin, and disease of others. She must have the skin to skin contact for her abilities to work. If the patient has lost a limb, Panacea is unable to reattach it.

She cannot revitalize the dead as well.

During the healing process, Panacea temporarily creates a telepathic connection to the person, enabling her to pinpoint the pain and allowing her to feel everything else.

She cannot heal more than one person at a time, one must follow the other.

TYPES Of INJURY: Skye is able to heal the following sorts of injuries:
cuts, scrapes, sprains

When it comes to matters of the brain, such as a concussion, swelling or bleeding of the brain, Skye CAN heal them however she is very, very hesitant about it. The brain is so intricate and incredibly delicate so one wrong breath on her part and the person can easily become a vegetable.

WEAKNESS: The more people Skye heals, the faster her energy drains. Her maximum at the moment is 5 people back to back without a break. She needs rest after each healing and if pushed too far, she will pass out from exhaustion. The more intense an injury, the faster she gets tired.

The injury must be curable. For instance, if someone was diagnosed with a terminal disease such as cancer or an inoperable tumor etc, Skye is unable to heal them. Brain function must also be present in order for them to be treatable. People on life support and declared brain dead are not treatable.

The deeper the wound goes, the harder it is to heal and the weaker the healing power becomes so Skye is unable to heal wounds deep under the skin.

TELEPATHY: Telepathy is the ability to read and see into the minds of others. There are also other abilities that are nested under the main ability; including but not limited to psi shadows and cloaks, illusions, mind control and manipulation. Skye is also able to speak to others telepathically as well as hear their thoughts.

WEAKNESS: Over prolonged use may result in headaches and loss of control of the ability to where she can’t block anyone out.

PSYCHOKINESIS - Sometimes also referred to as Telekinesis, it is the ability to manipulate and control objects without needing to physically touch or handle them. While similar to telekinetics abilities which on the 'thinking' centers of the mind, psychokinetic abilities stem from the 'feeling' centers of the mind; Skye's is controlled by her empathy. The more emotions that Skye is sensing and taking on from surrounding people, the more powerful her telekinesis is.

WEAKNESS: This power is tied directly into her Empathy. If she is empathically overwhelmed, her psychokinesis will be wild and out of control until she either returns to a calmer state or she's unconscious.

FORCE FIELD - Skye may be able to instinctively project a force-field around herself when she is in danger. It may protect her from a variety of forces, including brute, physical force, energy attacks and extreme temperature conditions. It absorbs the attacks that are being thrown at it. The longer the force-field is in place, and the more attacks it absorbs, the weaker it will become. In addition to being able to cast them over herself, Skye is able to cast a force field around another person or object, either to protect them or imprison them.

WEAKNESS: Panacea is only able to hold her shields up for a maximum of 5 minutes. The stronger the attacks against the shield, the quicker it can weaken.

FORCE BOLT - Skye can possibly strike a target with a surge of raw psychokinetic power that can cause physical harm or damage. The bolts are essentially an unformed physical wave of unseen force responding to Skye's emotional needs. The effect is the same as if the target or opponent has been hit by a solid object of equal material strength and density.

WEAKNESS: The downside to that... The less in control and less balanced she is, the more out of control is the telekinesis. The following are abilities related to Telekinesis, and Skye may or may not exhibit them depending on how focused and controlled she is.
Code Name: Panacea
Occupation: No Information
Team: No Information
Relationship Status: Married
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: Skylar Hanson


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