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We are currently set around finals. So Mayish. We do not add years so that the characters can remain the same age for as long as the players want.

Welcome to X-Men After the Chaos!

We are an AU Movie game set after X-Men 1.

There wasn't much left. Cities leveled, billions dead, the civilization of complete continents wiped out without any survivors. The planet was in ruins and there was no stopping what was going to come next. Apocalypse was going to win and with his complete powers along with the Infinity gems nowhere in the galaxy would be safe. With his arrogance, he let his guard down and at that moment the Gauntlet had to kill each of the gems to get control back of the stones. With the stones, the Gauntlet sacrificed his life to kill Apocalypse to keep him from being able to do to the other galaxies that he had done to this one, but there was an unforeseen outcome of the Gauntlet using his powers. He created a new world. One where everyone was alive, set 9 years before the one he had come from.

No one else seemed to remember the old world.

It has been seven months since the X-Men stopped the Brotherhood from killing everyone at the summit on Ellis Island. Magneto has since then remained a prisoner of the Government while the rest of his team is still at large. Logan, having left the school after helping the X-Men has been spending these last months trying to regain his past memories while at the school Xavier is having side effects from his coma.

Tensions between ordinary humans and mutants have been at an all-time high since the Statue of Liberty incident. What the Brotherhood did has fueled the flames and fear of the everyday people. It seems every day someone is in the news telling a story about what a mutant had done with their powers. The accounts keep piling up to put the mutants in a bad light. Politicians and activist use these accounts to their advantage trying to force the Government to do something about it. People want them registered, People want them banned from schools and other public places their children attend, People want them locked away from everyone else. People even want them slaughtered. The news and politicians twist the facts in all of this to make the mutants in the wrong and the ordinary citizens in the right. It seems none of the networks are covering the growing violence against mutants.

No ones reported about the Mutants tossed away by society disappearing all over the US, entire colonies disappear overnight without a trace. Is this just the beginning of the act the Government is trying to pass against the mutants or is something else going on?

Zeth Moran
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Zeth spent the first fifteen years of his life living in a survivalist compound that his Father owned. His mutation was known to his Father and the others from a young age and due to the nature of it he was trained to be a weapon against the very government he would eventually end up working for. The Government his own Father had once secretly worked for. The compound had a select group of survivalist, all of which brought their own skills to the mix. He learned what he could from each of them. When he was fifteen his Father thought it was time to strike and they did. However there was a leak and the target knew they were coming. They didn't go down without a fight. Zeth's entire 'family' got killed in the battle and Zeth got within spitting distance of his target before he was shot twice. Spitting was all he needed though. His venom flew through the air and came nowhere near his target. It was figured out later the teenager had missed on purpose.

He served six months for what had happened and once he got he was placed in the custody of his Grandfather. Things were not good with the man. They clashed a lot on things. The future his Grandfather was trying to force on him, each of their feelings about the Hellfire Club, pretty much every move he made was something his Grandfather did not approve of. Living in the mansion closest to Xavier’s Zeth knew the students who lived there. Due to his telepathic block no one there knew he was a mutant, but Xavier still had the students invite him to come over. Despite how sarcastic and rebellious the boy was he was still welcome and after Ororo came to the Professor and told him of what Zeth was going through with his Grandfather Xavier talked to the man and persuaded him to allow Zeth attend Xavier’s. At this point Zeth was only sixteen and taking college courses, but living at Xavier’s allowed him to interact with kids his own age and to escape his Grandfather.

Once he turned 18 his juvenile record was sealed and he joined the Army where he continued his education. At 19 he was married and became a Father for the first time. At 21 his skills caught the attention of some higher ups and he was given a transfer into Special Ops. During none of this time did the Army ever figure out he was a mutant. His special ops team members were the first to find out and they didn't really care.

One mission saw most of them killed and Zeth and two others wounded. The three soldiers were captured POWs and since they were never there in the first place no one ever came to get them. Their captors tortured them for five months one at a time before one day the other one of the soldiers was never brought back. Soon after the next one disappeared. Afterwards Zeth was moved and he learned one of them had talked. He was experimented on as well as tortured. No longer were they looking for information about the American Military. Now they wanted information on his powers.

One night something was going on and the guards screwed up in chaining him up. He got loose, slaughtered the guard, and went to escaping. In his weakened state he couldn't remain invisible for long, so he didn't rely on that. Most of the facility was busy with whoever was attacking, so Zeth concentrated on getting to the lab. Once there he destroyed all the information they had on the mutants that had been kept at the facility, but oddly enough on his way out he didn't find anymore mutants. He only killed the guards he had to on the way out when he wasn't able to cut off their oxygen supply enough to knock them out and finally he was free. He made his way to a friendly zone and to an American Embassy. He was sent back home to find out it had been three years. He had been pronounced dead, and his wife and son had been killed in a FoH anti-mutant bombing of a local hospital. The group responsible for the attack were never apprehended, but each ended up dead over the next few years.

When he first returned Zeth had to get his head straight. He had to get some help for what happened even though he really couldn't talk about what happened. He did what he could with the military psychiatrist than once his discharge papers went through he took up Xavier’s offer to come to the school for a bit. At first he wasn’t the same person they knew, but slowly over the few months he stayed there they could see bits of that resurfacing. Then one day he was gone with no word. All he left was Xavier’s office library moved around the mansion, Scott’s keys missing with a hand drawn map of their location in their place, and random hard rock songs programmed to go off at random times over the schools PA system. After leaving the school he took some time to return to the compound he still owned to get some rest away from people. He was only there a short time before a man came to him to tell him about his Father's history working with a Government team that was only known to the current President. The man was retiring and had picked Zeth as his replacement. Zeth accepted it.


College Degrees: Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Forensic Science, and Crime Scene Investigation.

Job Skills: Military Special Ops training, Assassin Training, Weapons, Crime Scene Investigating, Blending in, Explosives, making 'things' out of spare parts that are laying around, Photographic Memory of people-Events-and life styles that make it easy for him to pick up new identities for his job, but he can't even remember his own computer password on the first try, Knows a couple different types of Martial Arts, Parkour, Spying while making as little sound as possible, breaking and entering, surpassing security systems, living off the land/survival training, and speaks various languages with the correct accents.

Languages he can speak: Japanese(No accent), Chinese(No Accent), Russian(Accent), Australian(Accent), English(Accent), Spanish(Accent), French(Accent), German(Accent), Arabic(No accent), Kurdish(No accent), Dari(No accent), Pashto(No accent). He is continuing to learn new languages and mastering the accents.

Hobbies and Abilities(Non Mutation): Motorcycles, Martial Arts, Racing, Extreme Sports, Reading anything he can get his hands on, singing/music, drawing, cooking, video games, collecting snake items and rare and obscure movies, watching movies, Nature walks, camping, the beach/water, going out to clubs and bars.


When Zeth sleeps his fork tongue likes to peek out from his closed lips and he lets off a quiet hiss.

Height - 6'1"
Hair - Blond
Eyes - Green
Accent - It's faded some, but the Texan Accent is still there.

Tats - A combination of a cobra and rattlesnake on his right shoulder blade. A cobra on his back that is coiled across his lower back while the rest goes up his spine with to form the snake's 'neck' and head with full hood out. The top of the snake stops between his shoulder blades.

Style - Zeth's style is pretty simple. He prefers t-shirts, worn jeans, and combat boots than dressing up, but will somewhat when the situation calls for it.


Powers: Zeth has the power of invisibility. He can turned himself and anything he is touching invisible not only to sight, but also to electronic sensors and telepathic scans/senses. This ability has extended to the rest of his body on a molecular level as well. Even while visible he has no prints, scent, or any traceable DNA in anything he might loose such as hair, skin, blood, saliva, and nails.

-In the slim chance someone comes up with a way to read his DNA it would come up as mutant and a mixture of several snakes. It is also highly toxic. Like his snake fangs. The Snakes-Golden Lancehead, Boomslang, Scarlet Kingsnake, Rattlesnake, Death Addler, Saw Scaled Viper, Philippine Cobra, Tiger Snake, Black Mamba, Taipan, Blue Krait, Eastern brown snake, Inland Taipan, and Belcher's Sea Snake.

Zeth doesn't naturally blink. He's trained himself to do it to fit in, but like a snake he doesn't need to.

Snake Venom - Zeth seeps highly lethal snake venom from Retractable fangs. The venom from his fangs is highly lethal and is fast acting. One bite can:
-cause the skin around the bite to melt,
-respiratory arrest,
-cerebral hemorrhage,
-destruction of red blood cells,
-disrupt the clotting process or cause severe clotting,
-causes tissue and organ degeneration,
-Bleeding from gums, nose, other orifices,
-Difficulty breathing,
-massive hemorrhaging,
-swelling of the bite extremity,
-Drop in blood pressure and heart rate.
-Blistering at site of bite and along affected limb.
-Necrosis of muscles
-facial swelling.
-abdominal pain,
-Localized pain in foot and neck region,
-Tingling sensation in mouth and extremities,
-double vision,
-tunnel vision,
-severe confusion,
-coma, death.
-Massive cramps,

Striking - Can go from strike position to striking and back within 0.13 of a second.

Venom Spit - He can seep the venom from his fangs into his mouth and spit it up to 3 meters.

Fork Tongue - With his fork tongue his sense of smell is enhanced.

Molting Healing Factor - His healing factor isn't instant and takes time. While the wound is healing snake skin forms over it and the skin around it also takes a snake skin form. If a body part is missing it will first form in deflated snake skin and as the body part continues to heal it will inflate out as the part itself reforms.

Enhanced Strike Reflexes.

Immunity to poisons and venom's.

Weaknesses: Zeth is solid while invisible, so while he can't be detected by sight or sensors he can be detected by touch. People can run into him, he can bump into things, and even leave foot prints if not careful. Smoke fills the room he'll be seen and sprinklers come on the same thing.

-Because of the venom Zeth has to be very careful not to accidentally bite someone or accidentally seep venom into his saliva..

-The Healing Factor was enough to bring him back from the dead, but it does not work on healing up the flesh to hide that the wounds were ever done. Unless precaution is taken scars will form and remain from the wounds. The healing factor is not instant and it takes him time to heal depending on the wound. Death could take him years to heal from or just a day depending on the condition of his body. When he heals from a major wound it takes a lot out of him and he has to rest and is weak for awhile. He cannot come back from decapitation and at least part of his heart still needs to be in his body for it to regrow or he wont come back from that either.

-Zeth's enhanced reflexes only work in a battle and unless he's coiled enough for it they wont work. In training or everyday life he just has the same reflexes as someone whose trained for battle their entire lives.

-Like a snake Zeth is cold blooded and has a hard time getting warm.

Possible Power Growth: Eventually Zeth's powers will grow to where he can turn items and living people invisible without touching them. They will have to be either in his eye sight or in a six foot radius around him for it to start, but once they are invisible he can walk away from the items or people and they will be stuck invisible for a maximum of a half an hour if he chooses to leave it/them like that. I will probably never have this happen, but its being listed just in case.
Code Name: Phantom Watcher
Occupation: Independent Contractor
Team: Brotherhood/X-Factor/Mercenary/Other
Relationship Status: Divorced/Single
Species: Mutant
Nick Names: Z


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